wayback machine downloader

About the Wayback Machine Download?

Wayback Machine Downloader provides the amazing service to restore your deleted website from the web archive (Wayback Machine) that includes all the required files (HTML, CSS, JS, Images, etc).  The restored Website will look 100% like the Archived Version.

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We will restore your website from WebArchive.org

You just give us the domain name access and the year or even give me the EXACT Archive.org date and we do the rest!

We will restore your website as same it was before With all the pages, articles, old themes, plugins, images, Pdf, and a fully SEO-optimized website. We will also recover the traffic with the old URLs where the backlinks were active in the past so there will chance to get ranked and grab traffic easily.

When you purchase an expired domain or you lost all your website’s precious data or your site got hacked Or your hosting got expired then order us we will help you to recover your website.

What we will do for you? And what you will receive?

Wayback Machine Download provides two major services for our clients to restore their website

1) We can restore the website from the Wayback machine as HTML!

In the Wayback to HTML service, We will restore all the required front-end files (HTML, CSS, JS, Images, Pdf) from Web Archive (Wayback Machine).

You will receive a .zip file with all available web. archive files. Just unpack it on your hosting

2) We can restore the website from the Wayback machine as WordPress!

We will Recover your preferred Site from the Wayback machine (web archive). Web Archive is a place where every record of sites is kept from the year it started. We will Recover and restore the website with forms and all pages, content, images links, documents, etc. And convert the website to a WordPress version.