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Are you designing a website for a client or a business? And have no idea if they have a web presence from before?

Hi, my name is Mark from Wayback Machine Download. And today we will be looking at a Wayback Machine, a digital archive for the internet. Wayback Machine has been around since 2001, archiving over four hundred
billion pages. One of the easiest things to work with, we can look at popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell to see what they had done 20 years ago and what they’re doing now.

In the search box here on Wayback Machine enter the company’s web address.

Wayback Machine Download

On the very first page, it will bring you to the current page of 2019 or any current year that you’re working with. This is what Apple Canada’s website looks like. It would be interesting to see what will happen ten years from now what this whole site would look like. Wayback Machine will have different colors from green, blue,
orange, and red as you see here.


Wayback Machine Downloader

To make things simple here, always pick the ones that are blue or the links. Let’s go back to 1996 when a Wayback Machine starts to archive Apple’s website. Let’s scroll down until I see a dot that I could click on. And we’re gonna click on A Date (eg October 23). Sometimes’s there is more than one screenshot.

Let’s pick the snapshot. It appears there are some broken image links but as well as you can see Apple Canada has mainly a text-based website. If I went to another date (like 1997 January 6, 1997), to see if there are any images that are no longer broken, and here we have a page here that this is what it looked like on June the 10th 1997.

Wayback Downloader

I might go maybe in between let’s go to 2008. Let’s see what they’ve done in 2008.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hope you like it