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Keywords in Domain Name it’s been a big talk and it’s important we must understand our needs and note them down somewhere on paper or on a smartphone so that we can conclude Keywords in Domain Names – Positive or Negative for SEO….

Let’s move on with these Keywords in Domain Name – Positive or Negative for SEO

If talk about search engine boss Google has set up and altered their algorithm for Keywords in Domain Names sometime around late 2012 and early 21013. Before that, I would say Big Yes for this optimization but as per current requirements by search engines, it’s not atoll mandatory. Do Not Force Yourself for this to get Keywords in your website’s domain name…. but yes we should not ignore the opportunity if we get a chance to grab our keyword (primary keyword or secondary keyword) for our domain name.

When Google crawls your site they do pick some points of your keyword on a domain name – as we look upon searches domain names do consider some points by Google for your keyword in the domain name.


Let’s pick an example keyword for “Fish Market”

Examples of Keywords in Domain Name

Here we can see some of the examples above and three different ways the keyword “fish” & “Fish Market” is used in the domain name.


All in all, content is King as visitors will come for content, not for the fancy names – make sure your site does not look spammy to search engines. There are lots of valuable sites which does not use domain name without their keyword in the domain name and when visitors reach their site and you get an understanding of what they do and what they do know about them….

I would like to give you a Tool that may help you to analyze domain names and their focus keywords all in all we can do organic keyword research of a domain name with which helps to understand your compositors.

Conclusion: It’s positive to use keywords in your Domain Name – But don’t overcommit for that.. you can also establish and gain a good amount of visitors without that on your websites.

Note: Do not move your growing website for the sake of keywords in Domain Name – Big No for this … You can do this only when you are starting up.

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