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Can I really recover deleted websites?

In most cases, the answer is yes! The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is constantly scouring the web looking for new websites or changes to existing ones. Whenever it finds something, it will take a snapshot. We simply transform the web archive to HTML (along with any supporting files).

Do you download all file types from Wayback?

Yes, we try to get as many files as possible that we find that are linked to within the HTML. We get PDF, Flash (SWF), Javascript, CSS files, etc. Just let us know if Wayback has a file that wasn’t downloaded in your order.​

Can you do Wayback to WordPress conversion?

Yes, We can do Wayback to WordPress conversion as well. You can select the type of website on the create order page you can select the type (Html Or WordPress). If you select the type “WordPress” You will be able to download the WordPress version and also you can download the Html of the website.

How much does WordPress conversion cost?

Wayback to WordPress conversion cost is $9.99 + $30 = $39.99 ($9.99 for Wayback to Html and $30 for WordPress conversion).

How long until I receive my order?

When your order is completed you will be sent a link to download the zip file of your site(s). And if you shared with us your host details so we will upload your site there. Turn around time is usually less than a day but can be longer depending on how big your site is and how many other orders we have at the time.
If you haven’t received the order download email then please use our Order Status page ( Be sure to check your junk mail before contacting us as we send you a download link in the email so some emails get flagged as spam, unfortunately.

Where’s my order?

When your order is completed you will be automatically redirected to the Track Order page where you can check the order downloading status and also you will receive the success email.

How Do I Install the Site?

To install the site just unzip the files and upload it to your web host. Go to your site in your browser and the site should display immediately once all files are uploaded. If your ordered WordPress integration then you will be shown the WordPress installation process that you will need to go through. You will need to create the database and username and password in Cpanel first as a standard WordPress installation does.

Does the website work with cPanel?

Yes! In fact, uploading your files to cPanel takes less than 5 minutes! Our support team is also there to guide you through the process!

My Site Doesn’t Work On My Local Machine?

If you are trying to open up your site on your local machine by opening the index.html then it will display the HTML but the layout will be jumbled and the images missing this is because the paths to the CSS and images are absolute so the site will only display correctly on a web server. We have to use absolute paths in the HTML because some websites have URLs with multiple levels in them eg so the CSS and images will not work otherwise.

Why the layout of my site is not correct?

If the layout of the site is not correct after you have uploaded all of the files to your site and it shows correctly on the Wayback Machine then please contact us.
Your site must be installed in the root domain, not in a subfolder otherwise images and CSS will not be displayed correctly. We are currently working on a solution for this for those that need their site installed in a subfolder
Otherwise, if the layout is funny on Wayback then it’s not something we can fix, it means that Wayback has probably not stored the CSS files of the site or there are some other important files missing.
You can always try to find other versions of the site on Wayback Machine as some versions are more complete than others.
You should find a complete version of the website before ordering from us.

There are missing images or flash files?

We can only get what the Wayback machine provides if it doesn’t show on Wayback then we cannot get those files. If you see the image is showing on Wayback but not on the site we have provided you then just contact us so we can fix this for you.