Why Use Our Wayback Machine Downloader?

It’s a pretty simple method to restore your website from the Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine Download is a perfect decision when your website is hacked and you do not have any backup. And also optimized for SEO: an updated sitemap and with URLs restored on their old path.

What’s Included in Downloader?

Our Web archive downloader creates a ZIP file that includes all the required files that need to restore in their old state. It contains everything including all the front-end files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, pdf, etc).

You don’t need to understand the technical details to use the downloader. You can just add your website URL in the field and select the type (Wayback to HTML, Wayback to WordPress), and it will download all the files from the Wayback Machine. With our super easy installation instructions, it’s literally a 1 min job (if your host is cPanel or DirectAdmin)! And if you shared your host detail so we will host your website in your provided hosting.

Some other features:

  • It includes all HTML, CSS, JS, and image files.
  • It has the archive.org header removed, so your website looks exactly like it used to look.
  • The URLs are restored as the original that takes care of any redirects.
  • Our Web Archive Downloader removes all broken images

Reasons to restore deleted site from the Web Archive

Here is an overview of our most common users. Why would you use us to restore websites from the Wayback machine?

Maybe you’ve missed a hosting payment

One day, you look at your website and find that your website has been hacked! Somebody hacked your website and remove your website content. And you don’t have any backup of your website. Or maybe you have forgotten to renew your hosting plan. You did not get any warning emails Or emails went to your spam box and now your hosting company has deleted your website. For that reason, you need to restore your backup and the webarchive.org (Wayback machine) is your last resort.

And because of this reason you need to use our Wayback Machine Download to restore your precious website content from the Wayback Machine.